What Is Seo – What Is Seo Keywords

What Is Seo – What Is Seo Keywords.

Basically Search Engine Optimization is also know as SEO.

So what’s it is in practical way. Optimizing Any Search Engine Search Results. Everything You done to optimize search Rankings in Any Search Engine Google, Bing comes under SEO.

In depth it’s a very deep subject to learn about but not a rocket science at all. SEO is all about practical things testing diff-diff techniques may one work for you might not be working for me.



There are mainly two type of SEO.  First is  ON PAGE  SEO & 2nd is   OFF PAGE  SEO ➡ 

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On-page activities On-page optimization means to modify and make changes on your page so that it is unique from all the other pages which will help the google to read it. There are many things in an on-page seo which are  activity like:

Basics for SEO

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Headings
  4. Keywords


  1. Keyword proximity
    1. keyword density
    2. Keyword stuffing
    3. Keyword prominence
    4. Keyword placing


  1. Do a complete keyword research for your website, Analyze your competitors.
  2. Enhance the overall Website Performance and Structure.
  3. Define the content strategy, Create great content and optimize it.
  4. Make a strategy for Link Building.
  5. Attract traffic from Social Networking websites.
  6. Measure the results and refine your SEO strategy.
  7. Keep up with all the latest changes to search engine algorithms and trends.


  1. Keyword in H1 tag.
  2. Length of the content.
  3. Duplicate content.
  4. Image Optimization.
  5. Content Updates.
  6. Outbound links.
  7. Internal links.



Off Page SEO : Generate the Quality – Life long Back links by using these methods !


     1:Directory Submission

     2:Forum Submission

     3:Backlinks Building

     4:Image Submission

     5:Article/Blogs Submission

     6:Profile Creation

     7:Business Listing

     8:Social Media Sharing

     9:Social Bookmarking Submission


Lets Talk About All This Thing In Detail   🙂 

We all know that for  a particular post Title, Description & Tags are most important to rank your post on GOOGLE.

But all this do nothing  if you will not choose a perfect keyword .

In my opinion keyword is a keypoint to rank your post on different search engines.

Now the question arises how should we choose a perfect keyword for our post/products ?

It is well known fact that a keyword which is used by most of the people are comes under difficult category and it’s hard to rank theses keyword,so now what should we do if our website is new 🙄 

The answer is quite simple which we will discuss above 🙂 



In this post we will discuss about some basics points if seo

Now we know that how to choose a perfect keyword but again a question arises what are sites which provide good-keywords for our post. So here is the list some free and paid tools which provide keyword density ans seo difficulty.

1: Ubersuggest ( Free )

2: Ahref ( Paid )

3: Keyword planner by Google ( Paid )

4: Semrush ( Paid )

5: Longtail Pro ( Recommended Paid )

6: Keywords Everywhere ( Free )

7: Moz ( Paid )

8: Small Seo Tool ( Free )


These are some best tool which you choose to write your post for keywords and other metrics.


Post length and Plagarism :mrgreen: 

Many of us don’t know how to  write a good post which will rank on google easily ?

It is quite easy Google always see which post is user friendly and which is not it’s totally depend on your content and ease of writing , so reader can’t distract and don’t want to see other thing if your content is full of all knowledge .

Now another question arises how should we write a user friendly post ?

Answer is always use simple active sentences so the user easily understand what are you saying and they will not go to another post 😎 

Use of Good fonts, Images and text size also impress user to   read more your post, If your post content is in small size the user will skip and leave your website .

So always remember use Good font, Text & Images.

Another most important factor is post size if you write a long post it will rank easily this will seen in most of the cases in which post rank due to long length , because if your post is being long user will spend more time on your post and Google will rank your post.

Now question arises how long our post should be it’s totally depend up-to you , in my opinion use of above 25oo word post  is good.

Don’t use somebody else content like text or image if it’s comes under free category then you will use it.

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How To Do Seo In WordPress ?

WordPress is so much popular because it has inbuilt SEO. Moreover, you can get plugins to make your WordPress website more SEO friendly too. However, you need to do some basic steps to manage WordPress SEO.
  1. Know about www and non-www
  2. Learn about Permalinks structure
  3. Focus on Quality content
  4. Include Sitemaps
  5. Know about Yoast SEO or Rank Math plugins
  6. Image Optimization and website speed
  7. Search console and errors fixing
Best Plugins For Seo In WordPress
  1. All in One SEO
  2. Squirrly SEO ClapCreative (HeadSpace2 )
  3. Platinum SEO Pack
  4. Scribe SEO
  5. SEO Smart Links
  6. SEOPressor
  7. Yoast Seo (Recommended )
But, I really wouldn’t use too many plugins. They just slow down your site and you want your site to be super quick. Use the right plugin for what you want to do, but and this is HUGE, Make sure to update them regularly. 

There really are a sea of plugins that I like for different reasons. I’ve used dozens of them over time, and one or two even bit me in the you -know-where. (I had to rename the plugin folder and start over, activating one by one, until the culprit appeared. Ah, the good old days.)

Check plugin reviews before installing and don’t use anything brand new, unless it’s from a company you trust.

Paid is often better than free, though. Most great plugins are only a few bucks (under $100), and your business is totally worth it. Right?

Quick Tips To Increase Your Blog/Website  for SEO :

  1. Select long-tail keywords that suit the intent of your target audience
  2. Use 10 keywords for 1000 words
  3. Updating your old post will help you to get traffic in your site
  4. Audit your site regularly
  5. Optimize your visual content with alt text.
  6. Try to do guest post regularly on high authority site
  7. Create a quality content
  8. Use H1 tag in your page title only
  9. Your blog should be mobile friendly
  10. Share your link in the social media site

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